CM6206 DC coupled soundcard

I have a MOTU ultralite. Unfortunately it broke. Which is a real shame, because it is fantastic to have MAX/MSP spit out voltages to the analog synths! Another unfortunate event happened, known to man as me being broke. So buying a new one wasn’t going to happen soon.

Then I found out about this little soundcard here, it is very cheap, and easily available from many suppliers (mostly china, I guess).

I figured it would be really nice if all the power and offset and amplification could be done inside this little box. So i designed this little adapter board. It has a DC/DC converter, and a bunch of opamps for the offset and amplification. There’s not a lot space inside the box, so components are fairly small (mostly 402 resistors and caps, and TSSOP opamps). It connects to the through hole capacitors (which are replaced with headers), and to the USB header.

Boards are on their way as I’m writing this, so testing can start soon!

Schematic for the adapter board
Layout for the adapter board