[2017 – ongoing]

Phyllotaxis is a project by Daan Johan and Joris Strijbos in which they explore the audiovisual possibilities of self-constructed feedback systems by means of kinetic light machines and modular synthesizers. The work can be seen as a machinic, digital and automated equivalent of the phyllotaxis phenomenon which appears in nature. In this phenomenon a repeating spiral can be represented by a fraction describing the angle of windings leaf per leaf. The work is both presented as an audiovisual installation and as a live performance.

In the installation version of the work, a generative computerprogram is controlling the images which are partly generated by realtime sound analysis. The ongoing composition is the result of internal interaction between different algorithms which are automatically manipulated over time.

For their live performance, the duo interferes in the interaction between the light, the sound, and the movement of their spatial installation. By controlling the performative installation through algorithmic composition and repetitive patterns the space is transformed into a hypnotic vortex in which abstract patterns in sound and light merge into an intense experience.

Phyllotaxis is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

Concept and realisation: Joris strijbos and Daan Johan